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    80 Blue Jays Way 44th Floor

    View D'View – $16.00

    Glenmorangie Original, Hennessy Black, Lillet Blanc , Briottet Rhubarb Liqueur, Angostura Bitters, Malagasy Chocolate Bitter

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    Baro Toronto
    485 King St W

    Drunk in Love – $11.00

    Sobieski vodka, watermelon, cucumber, fresh lime, mint.

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    Biff’s Bistro
    4 Front St E

    Evening in Versailles – $12.00

    honey-infused Bulleit bourbon, casis, lemon juice, honey, egg white.

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    Supernova Ballroom
    330 Bay St

    Twice on Sundays – $12.00

    Ungava gin, bee pollen, Aperol and sparkling wine.

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    461 King St W

    Summer Daze – $13.00

    Ketel One, Aperol, strawberry watermelon shrub, lemon.

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    480 King St W

    We The North – $12.00

    Crown Royal, Fernet Branca, smoked maple syrup, Angostura bitters, orange oil.

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    Walrus Pub & Beer Hall
    187 Bay St

    Ivory Room – $10.00

    Beefeater gin, St. Germain, Lillet Blanc, dry vermouth, lemon zest.

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    The Cloak Bar
    488 Wellington St W

    Sailors' Saviour – $12.00

    El Dorado 12 dark rum, Gosling’s dark rum, Amaro Averna, espresso, cinnamon syrup, black walnut bitters.

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    The Carbon Bar
    99 Queen St E

    Pit-Fired Old Fashioned – $12.00

    house-smoked Buffalo Trace bourbon, Sortilège, Angostura bitters, orange rind.

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    Suite 114
    116 Dundas St W

    French Toast & Cigarettes – $13.00

    browned butter fat-washed Bulleit bourbon, Luxardo Maraschino, Amaro Averna, cinnamon syrup, Kinsip Coffee Pecan bitters, hickory smoke in the glass.

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    SPIN Toronto
    461 King St W

    Kawactus – $11.00

    Flor de Cana 7 yr rum, Amaro Montenegro, blood orange all spice syrup, cucumber, lime, ginger beer.

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    Ritz Bar
    181 Wellington St W

    Private Jet – $17.00

    Bulleit bourbon, Amaro Nonino, Aperol, grapefruit and lemon juice, dehydrated pink grapefruit.

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    Reyna on King
    354 King St E

    Untitled – $15.00

    Belvedere vodka, Lillet Blanc, strega, cherry bitters, fresh strawberry, mint, black pepper.

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    241 Spadina Ave

    Rich Girl – $14.00

    Bulleit bourbon, crème de bergamot, caramel, amaro, fig, lime, egg white.

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    Mother Tongue
    348 Adelaide St W

    Pretty Lodi – $12.00

    Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla, Hayman’s sloe gin, passionfruit, calamansi, honey, Peychaud’s.

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    Mira Restaurant
    420A Wellington St W

    Cusco – $14.00

    Gobernador pisco, Masumi Junmai sake, Can Xa rosé cava, mint syrup, lime juice, fresh mint.

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    Miku Toronto
    10 Bay St

    Aburi Lemonade – $13.00

    Ginjo sake, Beefeater gin, yuzu, ginger liqueur, black pepper.

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    Melrose On Adelaide
    270 Adelaide St W

    Into the Rose Garden – $12.00

    Aviation gin, Yzaguirre Blanco, Aperol, lychee, lemon, rosewater, aquafaba.

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    176 Yonge St

    Leña – $15.00

    Bulleit bourbon, Cynar, maraschino.

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    326 Adelaide St W

    100 Aker Wood – $12.00

    Calvados, tamarind, Royal Canadian Mead, “Feels Like Friday,” lime, shishito pepper syrup, honeysuckle bitters.

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    18 Wellington St W

    Honey Fashioned – $12.00

    Bulleit bourbon, honey liqueur, honey syrup, lemon, Amarena cherry.

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    619 King St W

    Vodka Daisy – $13.00

    Grey Goose vodka, raspberry syrup, soda water, raspberries.

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    295 Adelaide St W

    Bellissimo – $12.00

    Tanqueray No. Ten gin, dry Italian vermouth, honey, lemon, chamomile tea, egg white.

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    East Thirty-Six
    36 Wellington St E

    E36 Paris Sour – $12.00

    Citadelle Gin, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, rosemary tincture, coriander syrup, lemon juice, egg white, sauvignon blanc, grated nutmet, star anise.

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    Drake One Fifty & Drake Mini Bar
    150 York St

    Rust + Bone – $12.00

    cedar-infused Buffalo Trace bourbon, Bénédictine, Nonino Quintessentia Amaro.

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    Don Alfonso 1890
    19 Toronto St

    Tanqueray No. Ten Classic Martini – $19.00

    Tanqueray No. Ten gin, house-made caviars.

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    Cibo Wine Bar
    522 King St W

    The Fourteenth Ward – $13.00

    Bulleit bourbon, Amaro Dell’Erborista, Carpano Antica Formula.

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    Char No.5
    75 Lower Simcoe St

    Ghost of Buffalo Bill – $15.00

    Buffalo Trace bourbon, maple syrup, Fernet Branca and Averna with Peychauds bitters. Smoked to order.

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    Canoe Restaurant
    66 Wellington St W

    Dill Pickle – $13.00

    Tanqueray No. Ten gin, Grand Marnier, lemon, white cranberry juice, dill purée.

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    Belfast Love
    548 King St W

    Royal Blood – $10.00

    Glenlivet Founders Reserve, Laphroiag Quarter Cask, lemon juice, earl grey syrup, strawberry purée, dehydrated strawberry dust.

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    472 Queen St W

    Toasted Old Fashioned – $14.00

    Canadian whisky, toasted chamomile and saffron bitters, orange zest, maple syrup.

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    620 King St W

    Tea Freddo – $15.00

    Amaro Nepeta, Lillet Blanc, Buffalo Trace bourbon, orange & lemon zests.

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* Please note the drink prices reflect a $3 discount during Toronto Cocktail Week