Q: What is Toronto Cocktail Week?

Toronto Cocktail Week is six days (Oct 15- 20, 2019) of incredible events that celebrate Toronto’s cocktail culture. From the Opening Party at Evergreen Brick Works to classes and tastings, TCW will showcase amazing bars and delicious cocktails in our city and beyond!

Q: Who participates in Toronto Cocktail Week?

Anyone who has an interest in exploring and celebrating Toronto’s cocktail culture! Come out to one or more of our events and visit one or our dozens of participating bars!

Q: How can I make the most of Toronto Cocktail Week?

With events and tastings and classes spread over six days, planning is key. Not to mention each participating local bar will have a signature cocktail discounted by $3.00 for the week. One more reason to get out and celebrate!

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Q: Where can I get a copy of the Toronto Cocktail Week Map?

If you’re looking for a map of all participating Toronto Cocktail Week locations (and their signature drinks) check Toronto Life this October for your copy of the guide.

You can also check the Bars by Neighbourhood tab to see the bars closest to you!

Q: I want to sponsor or have other questions about Toronto Cocktail Week that aren’t answered here.

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